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Hi, I'm Cath. 

9 out of 10 women I've coached in the last five years have kicked off their Leadership Programs by telling me they wanted to project a stronger presence. It sounds like this:

"My last team thought really highly of me but this new team, this new boss? They have no idea who I am or what I can do."

Or this...

"I have the answers, I have expertise ... I want to be HEARD, but I don't want to have to become someone else to do it."

Sound familiar to you?

Executive Presence makes the difference in being taken seriously. It embraces your authenticity and gets your brilliance noticed.

Who knows your abilities best?

Your partner? A colleague or stakeholder?

What if your team knew you were that good? Or your boss? Or your boss' boss?


Enough 'voice' to get the fun projects that align with who you are and what you want to be doing with your life...

The confidence to ask for what you want and the clarity to get it. For yourself and for your team.


Our Exec Presence Online Boot Camp provides training on how to build it. Our GGG Boot Camp Community gives you the support and encouragement to help you achieve it.


Highly impactful leaders are clear about what they want, what they'll stand for and what they wont.

Because they're clear they can chase it. Because they're clear they can ask for it without coming across as emotional or whiny.

We kick off by helping you to define what's MOST important, amid ALL that's important. Then we identify what you should be saying no to, so you can make room for more of the right kind of yes.

Being beautifully articulate is useless to you if your audience doesn't want to hear you - or worse, doesn't trust you.

Being finely attuned to your audience, will that compromise your authenticity? Absolutely not.

Learn how to read the room to ensure that your advice becomes indispensable.

Research has shown women to be less inclined to confidence than men. We all experience self-doubt and wonder if others will see through us.

So how can you raise yourself up dipping confidence, to avoid

A-wasting opportunities and

B- shying away from possibilities?

The best strategies are the simple ones - the ones you can implement immediately and sustainably.

If boosting your confidence is a mighty, painful experience, you'll stay right where you're at. Instead, we share tips you can apply immediately.

Also, we're including an eBook copy of The Confidence Coach as a bonus for Executive Presence Boot Campers, so you can revolutionise your confidence in all areas of your life.

We've said communication isn't everything... but you can't be heard effectively without it!

Communication is critical to success in most roles in the corporate world. Whether you're leading a team or working with customers, stakeholders or a project specialist communicating with a boss to receive and relay information... get the communication wrong and your work will either be poor or perceived to be.

Masterful communication is part process and part attitude. Learn the verbal and attitude short-cuts you can apply to communicate more clearly, more powerfully, and more confidently.

Once the domain of hippies and spiritualists, mindfulness has been gaining traction in the corporate world.


Because at it's core, mindfulness is FOCUS.

Who in the corporate world doesn't need more of that?

It can be difficult to park one critical item so you can focus on the next one effectively. Mindfulness provides simple, unobtrusive processes for doing it.

One of the best ways to improve your self-belief is to take stock. One of the best ways to do that in your work life, is to update your resumé.

A great resume makes you walk a little taller - like killer heels without the killer back pain!

Learn what over 50,000 resumés has shown us about what should be in a

resumé. See what to remove to make room for your brilliance.

Then download our 2 best performing resumé templates, so if you choose you can copy and paste your experience for a really fast fix.


- 8 Training Videos + Bonus LinkedIn Video

- Worksheets, Tip Sheets & Templates

- Boot Campers Support Community on Facebook

- A copy of The Confidence Coach by Lisa Phillips



Lorena has a flagship-type background for individual development, organisational development and high performance cultures.

Having commenced her career as an accountant for PWC then moving into recruitment and then managing L&D for a global professional services business. At SEEK Lorena helped the business to retain it's unique culture, from small classifieds business to nudging the ASX Top 200.

Now with Lorena Healey Consulting and Gender Gap Gone, Lorena lives her passion for helping businesses to ensure they have the culture required to deliver business objectives. As an executive coach, Lorena helps individuals stretch beyond past performance to reach their goals.


Confidence coach Lisa Phillips knows that confidence is really ‘an inside job’, and that by adopting the right mindset and learning a few tricks, people can release the fears and blockages that may have previously held them back.

Lisa is one of Australia’s most inspiring empowerment experts.

Having started her career as an internal auditor, then 7 years as a Communication and Engagement Manager within a large global bank, Lisa changed pace to train and work as a coach and confidence expert. Her book, best selling The Confidence Coach is sold in 3 continents. With national radio and TV appearances Lisa's key note speaking engagements range from boardrooms and academics to cruise ships!


A CA with 15 years in professional services (KPMG, NAB, AXA, Hudson), Cath is on the surface perhaps the person least likely to talk to you about mindfulness. And yet, because of this background she is perhaps the BEST person to helps corporates implement the most practical of mindfulness techniques into their everyday practices.

Through Gender Gap Gone and The Mindfulness Institute, Cath runs workshops and one on one Skype coaching to help busy professionals find calm within the chaos.

Strategies to improve focus are aiding professionals in decision making, collaboration and productivity, with research indicating reduced stress and increased happiness.


An executive coach and our MD, Cath is renowned for her expertise in individual and organisational development. With over 16 years experience in professional services, Cath worked in recruitment, talent management and HR consulting. After 8 years in leadership of CN Consulting, in 2015 Cath founded Gender Gap Gone to meet the growing need for online career and leadership programs with a focus on uniqueness and inclusion.

Having consulted to over 500 businesses globally, Cath has coached over 3000 individuals and worked with some of Australia's best loved and most recognised brands.

Cath is a frequent Key Note speaker nationally, invited to share the stage with leaders of industry on Leadership and Career Advantage, particularly for women.


1. You choose to either follow the Paypal links and get started immediately, or Download the Brochure to have work set up the Program for you.

2. As soon as payment is confirmed you get immediate access to all the materials. Devour them in a weekend or take a lesson a week over 6 weeks.

3. We order a copy of The Confidence Coach on your behalf. It's delivered to your door.

4. Connect with other Boot Campers and Gender Gap Gone Coaches in the Closed Facebook Community for advice, support and virtual high-fives as you implement what you're learning.


Online Training $399

Community Support $199

Total $598 


Now, we're not going to guarantee that you'll achieve overnight success. We don't know your circumstances or how much you want this for yourself. But we will make you an irresistible offer. Actually, right now... it's three! 


Our MD Cath has delivered LinkedIn Training to thousands and is continually amazed at how FEW people know of these tricks. Specifically, there are 3 little LinkedIn hacks that will have your profile standing out from your peers for all the right reasons. This LinkedIn Training has been delivered to groups of senior leaders across diverse industries and locations, both face to face and via live webinar. 

Right now we're including a video of that Training, valued at $27, absolutely free. It's in the Boot Camp now, waiting for you.

GIFT # 2 for online Bookings... THE CONFIDENCE COACH

When you order this training right away, the deal is even sweeter. You will also receive a copy of our favourite, deeply reaffirming book, The Confidence Coach by Lisa Phillips. 

Now this is a book to scan, apply and revisit often. Our copies are filled with those little "Love It" post-it notes and since you can't do that with an eBook, we're giving you a hard copy of this gem. 

Yes, we're covering the cost of the book and of postage within Australia, to deliver this book to your door. But only for immediate, online orders!

So thats...

$598 Value Boot Camp

$27 BONUS Linked In Training Video

$24.95 + postage The Confidence Coach

 $649.95 Value

for just $397

... but this deal & these bonuses are far from permanent.

If you want in, be quick to get the deal and start getting more leverage from your great work immediately.


We're not about to guarantee that you'll see the same kind of increase in confidence and clarity that our past participants experienced. We won't guarantee that you'll land your dream job in the next 12 weeks. We just don't know! But we can ensure that you have ZERO RISK.

If you don't like Exec Presence Online Boot Camp just email us within the 6 weeks and we will refund 100% of your investment. AND you can keep it all, too.

So what are you waiting for?

Join us. Follow the Paypal links or get the order form to your boss ASAP to get started. 

See you inside!

Team GGG


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"I kinda knew that I was supposed to be doing these things but I was too busy to work out how or even what to do. Now I'm clear about what I want and what exactly I bring to the table. I value my expertise and so does my boss. Thanks for making a big difference in my working life." 

Leah Barnes

"The program helped me find the clarity & confidence to back myself. I took some calculated risks and they totally paid off. I LOVE my job now."

Deanna Mooney

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