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How Do You Make Career Progress?

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Staying On Track

How Does Career Empowerment Help With That?

This is what you'll learn in our Resource Centre:

  • What you want! What IS authentically you?
  • What makes you great & how to leverage it
  • What steps to take for success - even if you don't have a dream job in mind
  • Who should be in your network & how to get them there
  • The big picture on being more impactful
  • Instructions & templates for stand-out resumés & interviews
  • How to get what you want AND gain respect
  • Setting goals that you''ll REALLY want to chase
  • Managing stress without having to squeeze more in
  • Fitting it all in (realistically) & staying on track

How Does It Work?

It's more than what you'll learn. Career Empowerment is a support crew, helping to keep your career on your radar. It's ongoing training and inspiration and community,

The Career Empowerment Resource Kit is there anytime you need it. When you have a presentation, you can duck in and brush up on your presentation skills. When you're thinking of applying for a new role you can pull apart the resumé templates and the interview prowess guide.

This resource kit is everything you'll need to plan, map and move your career forward, but the biggest advantage of Career Empowerment is how it gets YOU ONTO YOUR PRIORITY LIST!

We get so busy, doing the best we can at work, at home, with family commitments, social commitments, keeping healthy... where does pushing your career forward fit on your priority list?

And yet, you put so many hours and a great deal of expertise into your work. Don't you deserve to be rewarded? In a way that's meaningful to you?

Sure, organisations need to shift their policies to be more flexible and more inclusive. But it is possible for you to be one of those who break through the ceiling, even before that change happens. 

Those who make it... manage to make their goals a priority in their work day - not just their boss' requirements. That's why Career Empowerment has 3 parts.

1. The Online Resource Kit has the how-to on-demand

2. Monthly Webinars give you an hour a month of up-skilling and Career Focus. Topics include Focus Management, LinkedIn, Mentors, Delegation and Prioritisation.

3. Community Support means that whenever you're plotting your next moves (usually after hours, which is why we call it 'Pyjama Planning'), there's likely others also in our Members-Only Facebook group for advice, support and virtual high-5's  

What Does It Cost?

Access the lot for a whole month, for just $23.

This price is crazy. Traditional programs with this content cost anywhere from $1500 to $4500. But you can access it all for just $23.

If you don't think it's a whole lot more valuable to you than that, cancel your membership. We'll refund your $23.

If you do find it as valuable as we think you will, each month we'll continue to debit your account the monthly $23 subscription fee and you'll continue to access all of the resources. You can cancel at any time.

We won't guarantee that you'll put all of these tools to use every month- or even that you'll have the same success as other members have had. But even if you implement just a couple of these strategies across a year, the career benefits are tangible both in terms of reward and joy. And yet, there is ZERO RISK for you.

You can cancel any time and we'll refund that month's membership fee. You have nothing to lose... and a whole lot to gain.

Your FAQ's Answered:

Can I Wait?

Of course! But we know that the best predictor of your success in achieving what you want is the action you take in the next 2 minutes. Beyond that, you're distracted by the rest of your day.

The same distractions that have prevented you from prioritising you 'till now.

If your career is a falling short - maybe you don't love it as much as you'd like to, or maybe the rewards just don't match your efforts... then jump onto Membership right now.

Start doing something differently to get a different result. 

If you wait, you're unlikely to make the changes you need.

   Why is it priced so Low?

We created Gender Gap Gone with the goal of helping more women into the careers of their choosing. Not just an elite few with endless time and money to spend. We wanted a program that was super low-cost & super flexible. 

Career Empowerment is our flagship low-cost Women's Leadership Program. Technology is enabling us to deliver what others charge thousands for, in just $23 a month.

What if I have a specific question about my career?

Everyone's circumstances are unique... and yet lots of us experience the same career questions over time. You can drop your questions into the Career Empowerment Members Only group on Facebook at whatever time it crosses your mind... get feedback from other members.

If you're after input from the GGG team, just tag us and we'll generally respond within a couple of days. 

Who created the content?

The bulk of Career Empowerment was created by our MD, Cath Nolan. Cath has over 15 years experience as a careers specialist - including coaching over 5000 individuals on unique career strategies and countless workshops, training sessions and large seminars. Also consulting to business throughout that time, Cath's perspective is up to date real-world strategies and focused on achieving outcomes. 

The Resource Centre was largely created by Cath, but you'll also find other GGG Coaches- all subject matter experts, through the monthly webinars and even the Facebook Community.

What if I can't make a training webinar?

All the Career Empowerment webinars are recorded for Members.

You'll find access links for the monthly webinars in the Members Only Facebook group... then once those training webinars are recorded, you'll find links to the recordings in the Facebook group too. 

Have a question about one of those topics? Drop it into the Facebook group before the webinar and we'll be sure to answer it for you.  Even if you can't make it live, you can pick up the recording to get the answers.  

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