Your career is important to you. You give it 110%. Its a top priority, but then so is everything else you have going on!

You've been thinking that you 'd like your career to take off - be more fun, more meaningful, more rewarding, more aligned to what you're really brilliant at... but you've been so focused on doing a great job that you don't have time for plotting that kind of move.

The great news is, you don't need more time. You just need a road map and support. And that's what Career Empowerment is!

Your Tribe

Connect with Working Women like you who are passionate about their careers AND all the other pieces that make up a truly fabulous life.

Tool Kit

Guides, Worksheets, Checklists and Videos to help you navigate the career path you want.


Our Members Only Community is always plugged in! Your fellow Working Women offer encouragement, first hand advice and support. 


Monthly Webinars, run by Exec Coaches help you to question how you're doing things. Acknowledge what's working well & try new strategies.

Stretch & grow!

Road Map

Every path is unique... but there's lots of experience here to draw on. Learn from what's worked for others AND what hasn't, to short cut your own success. 

Network & Connect

Connect with others in your industry or who share your specialisation. Broaden your professional network.


Get first access to all new GGG Events - including exclusive discounts and special offers.


Be inspired  to achieve your dream career.

Set a Big Hairy Goal, chase it down to our collective applause & bask in the glow of your brilliance!

Career Empowerment is your support crew, helping to keep your career on your radar. It's ongoing training with real-world relevance, and inspiration and like-minded community.

We get so busy, doing a great job at work, at home, with family commitments, social commitments, keeping healthy... where does pushing your career forward fit on your priority list?

And yet, you put so many hours and a great deal of expertise into your work. Don't you deserve to be rewarded? In a way that's meaningful to you?

Yes. You do. 

But we know that to be effective, this has to be practical content, easy to apply and available when and where you want to use it. 

That's what's going to help you to make YOUR goals a priority in your work day - not just your boss' requirements. And that's why Career Empowerment has 3 parts:

The Monthly Coach Webinar gives you expert advice and a challenge. Its a career advantage. It's main purpose is to help you get yourself onto your priority list! 

Each month there's a different focus area, either from our Experts or invited guests. You can expect to learn, to be challenged... and to take stock of what you're doing that's already working well!

Here are some of the topics:



Linked In



The Juggle

The Next Step


You're going to find resources to help you map our your next move, what you need to do before then - and how to make a good impression when you do. Plus there's a bevy of tips on gaining leverage from the skills you already have, in the job you're in right now.

You don't need to be job-hopping to be career-building!

This is what you'll learn with the Tool Kit:

  • What you want! What IS authentically you?
  • What makes you great & how to leverage it
  • What steps to take for success - even if you don't have a dream job in mind
  • Who should be in your network & how to get them there
  • The big picture on being more impactful
  • Instructions & templates for stand-out resumés & interviews
  • How to get what you want AND gain respect
  • Setting goals that you''ll REALLY want to chase
  • Managing stress without having to squeeze more in
  • Fitting it all in (realistically) & staying on track

Our Members Only Community is here to help. To support, encourage, give advice and virtual high-fives. 

You're on social media anyway, let it be for problem solving, feeling good & moving on up!

Like to know where all this advice comes from?

Our coaches have years of experience working with people from all backgrounds, all industries. Together we've worked for large corporations and small, we've spoken to stadiums full of people, written books, coached small groups and worked with countless unique individuals. 

We're all passionate about empowering women and each of us has a slightly different area of expertise. 

Kelly Magowan

Kelly is a Career & Life Strategist with a big reputation and a larger following. Author of The Busy Women's Guide to Salary Negotiation, she has great expertise earned via Leadership roles, Executive Recruitment and Exec Coaching.

Cath Gillespie

Founder of The Calm Institute, Cath comes from a foundation in professional services. Her passion is helping corporate professionals to apply mindfulness practices in the workplace. They see greater productivity, less stress and smoother collaborations as result.

Cath Nolan

Our MD, Cath's background in careers spans Blue Chips and smaller businesses globally. She has coached over 5000 individuals and established 3 businesses helping people to get the most from their careers.

Michaela Betchley

With a background in large, conservative businesses globally, Michaela is an Executive Coach with a bonus. Michaela is an accredited Image Consultant, helping women to 

align authenticity and perceptions with their career goals.

Lisa Phillips

Lisa is THE Confidence Coach. After an extended career-start in financial services over several countries, Lisa gravitated toward her passion, helping people to build confidence. 

Globally awarded for her work with women, Lisa is author of The Confidence Coach.

Jonathan Champ

Our Communications Expert, Jonathan is also one of Australia's best known Comms Experts. Responsible for TEDx Parramatta, he has helped internal & external comms team to deliver strategies and training to thousands.

Michelle DeVries-Robbé

Michelle knows 1st-hand what it is to balance career, leadership, strategic management, authenticity & personal values. With Commercial & Psychology quals she's also a highly experienced and well-regarded Exec Coach. 

Lorena Healey

Lorena's mastery is helping people to understand the organisation they belong to and the skills they need to navigate it successfully. 

 Her background spans Professional Services & then SEEK, with smaller businesses along the way.

Lori Tyrrell

Lori is not just OUR Unconscious Bias expert, she's also the go-to for the more established & bigger end of towners!

We hear lots of talk about the perils of Bias... Lori is big on solutions.

Kate Kelly

Kate's big passion is helping new mums to navigate transition. A large % of new Mums face redundancies. Whether going into new business or old, Kate's background in businesses across the globe is invaluable.

Dr Despina Sfakinos

Despina's passion project (and PhD) is the link between Self-Awareness, Wellness and Leadership. A lecturer and Director of Coaching & owner of 2 Psychology practices, Despina is also a very busy Exec Coach. 

Christopher Patterson

Wellness is often considered an impost to for work, right? Not any more. Christopher, created Wellness@Work specifically to get better productivity AND healthier humans. The results are impressive!

Access the lot for a whole month, for just $23.

This price is crazy. Traditional programs with this content cost anywhere from $1500 to $4500. But you can access it all for just $23.

If you don't think it's a whole lot more valuable to you than that, cancel your membership. We'll refund your $23.

If you do find it as valuable as we think you will, each month we'll continue to debit your account the monthly $23 subscription fee and you'll continue to access all of the resources. You can cancel at any time.

We won't guarantee that you'll put all of these tools to use every month- or even that you'll have the same success as other members have had. But even if you implement just a couple of these strategies across a year, the career benefits are tangible both in terms of reward and joy. And yet, there is ZERO RISK for you.

You can cancel any time and we'll refund that month's membership fee. You have nothing to lose... and a whole lot to gain.

If you join the Career Empowerment Program TODAY, like, right now... we're giving you our Executive Presence Training for free. That's watch-anytime videos with workbooks on Confidence, Reading Your Audience, Finding your Career Joy, Mindfulness and Taking Stock. Created by some of the experts you've just seen above - both our Caths, Lorena and Lisa.

This is $299 ADDITIONAL VALUE, completely free. But honestly we're not sure how long this offer will stand, so if you're interested, nab it NOW!

Can I Wait?

Of course! But we know that the best predictor of your success in achieving what you want is the action you take in the next 2 minutes. Beyond that, you're distracted by the rest of your day.

The same distractions that have prevented you from prioritising you 'till now.

If your career is a falling short - maybe you don't love it as much as you'd like to, or maybe the rewards just don't match your efforts... then jump onto Membership right now.

Start doing something differently to get a different result. 

If you wait, you're unlikely to make the changes you need.

Why is it priced so Low?

We created Gender Gap Gone with the goal of helping more women into the careers of their choosing. Not just an elite few with endless time and money to spend. We wanted a program that was super low-cost & super flexible. 

Career Empowerment is our flagship low-cost Women's Leadership Program. Technology is enabling us to deliver what others charge thousands for, in just $23 a month.

What if I have a specific question about my career?

Everyone's circumstances are unique... and yet lots of us experience the same career questions over time. You can drop your questions into the Career Empowerment Members Only group on Facebook at whatever time it crosses your mind... get feedback from other members.

If you're after input from the GGG team, just tag us and we'll generally respond too within a couple of days... more urgent? Just email us! We'd love to hear from you.

Who created the content?

The bulk of Career Empowerment was created by our MD, Cath Nolan. Cath has over 15 years experience as a careers specialist - including coaching over 5000 individuals on unique career strategies and countless workshops, training sessions and large seminars. Also consulting to business throughout that time, Cath's perspective is up to date real-world strategies and focused on achieving outcomes. 

The Resource Centre was largely created by Cath, but you'll also find other GGG Coaches- all subject matter experts, through the monthly webinars and even the Facebook Community.

What if I can't make a training webinar?

All the Career Empowerment webinars are recorded for Members.

You'll find access links for the monthly webinars in the Members Only Facebook group... then once those training webinars are recorded, you'll find links to the recordings in the Facebook group too. 

Have a question about one of those topics? Drop it into the Facebook group before the webinar and we'll be sure to answer it for you.  Even if you can't make it live, you can pick up the recording to get the answers.  

In 2015 we assembled a team of Coaches and Experts with brilliant reputations in career and leadership and empowerment, to create a business that would transfer our knowledge, working one to one and in groups and writing books and speaking to conferences...

Traditional programs cost thousands and can only be accessed face to face. And rarely are they tailored to women.

We wanted to take the best careers advice for women and package it up in a supportive, easy-to-access, ridiculously low-cost program. And we did! 

Sure hope to see you inside.

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