When it comes to your career, is parenthood like walking the plank?


Or is it a springboard to bigger and better?

You know it should be the springboard - but how do you make that happen? Read on...

Join us for this 90 minute Intensive Training to:

1. Work out what's most important to you. 

2. Learn how to present the most important skills for your chosen path.

3. Discover how to Ask For More confidently (not like you're asking for something unreasonable...)

Then you can springboard into your best career move yet.

90-Minute Live Training

via your computer or Mobile Device

+ Workbook

Thursday 9th June


$399  $49* 

*Early Bird Pricing

When you have kids your world changes. You change.

Your self image takes a hit & it can feel like your brain cells have too.

Priorities shift with your body shape and sometimes you have to ask a dozen favours just to get through a normal workday.

Maybe you now need greater flexibility, or better financial incentives - or perhaps now your time is that much more valuable so they'd better have interesting work for you to be doing!

Yes, yes there are many joys when it comes to being a Mum, but right here we're just having an honest conversation about YOUR CAREER AFTER BABIES.

This is not a session where we're all PC for the sake of those who do not have children, there are advantages for them too. THIS Master Class training is about helping YOU to tap into the career benefits of motherhood.  

You've surely heard people tell you to consider your newfound parenting skills when considering your new career options? What exactly are those skills, if you don't want to work in Weetbix removal?

There are lots. You can expect case studies and how-to.

​And what about your resume? There are particular questions that haunt mothers - questions like references and career changes and resume gaps... we'll work through them, step by step. 

What Will You Get?

* 90-Minute Live Training with opportunity for Q&A

* Workbook

* Access to the recording of this training session

What Will You Learn?

WHAT DO I WANT/ WHAT CAN I OFFER: Define Your Direction. What are you skills - and what are the skills you want to put to use at work? Then what jobs are there, to match those skills?

CONSTRUCTING AN IMPRESSIVE RESUME: See a couple of resumé templates and unique-to-mums tips, to make sure that your resumé lands you interviews.

IMPACTFUL COMMUNICATION: This is a huge topic for a 90 minute intensive, so what we'll cover here is the advice we've found most useful to the many hundreds of mums we've worked with. The biggest one is how do you ask for what you want without sounding apologetic?

The feedback on this session has always been incredibly humbling and VERY inspiring. We can't wait to meet you in there!

What Does It Cost?

$399 $59

OR, Book by 9th May to receive an extra $10 off! 

​Just $49

What If I Can't Make It / Get Called Away?

This training will be recorded for participants. You will also receive a Workbook to help you get the most benefit from the session. If you miss a few moments you'll be able to watch the recording later and catch up. 


If you don't think this session is worth a dozen times what you paid for it, we will refund 100% of your investment.

So there really is NO RISK.

You get $399 worth of resources, tailored to Mums, for just $49 - if you book by 9th May. And if you don't like it, you get your money back.

But seats are limited to allow time for Q&A, so book your spot quickly.

About Your Host: Cath Nolan

An executive coach and our MD, Cath is renowned for her expertise in individual and organisational development. With over 16 years experience consulting to over 500 businesses globally, Cath has coached over 3000 individuals and worked with some of Australia's best loved and most recognised brands

Cath is a frequent Key Note speaker nationally, invited to share the stage with leaders of industry on Leadership and Career Advantage, particularly for women.

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