Salary Negotiation


Don't put off THAT conversation any longer. It means too much to your job satisfaction and to your pocket. 

Even a little salary difference today will have a huge impact on your income over time. And over your life-time? 

We asked Salary Negotiation expert Kelly Magowan to share her expert advice. Once you hear this, it won't be an uncomfortable conversation... so you're less likely to put it off. 

What can you ask for?

What are you really worth?

How do you prepare for THAT chat?

How do you keep your posture?

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"Let's face it, most of us (men and women) find engaging in a salary negotiation discussion about as comfortable as presenting to a large room full of strangers. It is daunting, yet it is an essential skill to master for the sake of your confidence, career and your bank account."

Kelly Magowan, Career & Lifestyle Strategist; Author of The Busy Women's Guide to Salary Negotiation

Wish your boss would regularly update your salary to match your fantastic contribution?

Sadly nobody cares about your career rewards as you do.

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